Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A history of computer games: 2000's

Right, so now we come to the 21st century. After exploring the past of the games and computing industry although I may not have mentioned in the previous post, PC gaming was also developing; especially in this period its popularity rivals the consoles. Today PC’s are considered for sake of a better word ‘hardcore’ simply because of their output in CPU and GPU can be far greater than a standardised console, primarily because they are customisable or be built from scratch. Another thing to note in this decade is the idea of “mods”. Customisable content in games that could be done by people outside the content creating circle and a great example is one of the most popular online first person shooter Counter-Strike (1999), originally created independently by programmers as a mod for the game Half-Life. However, let’s track back a little more towards where we left off.