Monday, 16 January 2012

Lets Reflect: Visual Design

So first semester in my Game Art Design Degree, I have progressed massively and have to say these have been some of the most productive months of my life! Although there’s ALWAYS time for more to do and learn so here I am going to go through my progress from the first week to the Christmas break.

The first week: One Point Perspective
We were told to produce 12 thumbnail sketches and one final of this Canal very close to our Faculty building, so there we sat doodling away in a damp, windy environment. Treating every line like it’s our last with a sense that we are here because we have got something to prove, well that’s what I was thinking, but today I must say my state of mind is very different.

The second week: The Archway
So here it was the same idea, same fundamentals but a different place. I was kind of adapt to one point perspective having a Product Design background in A-level but to apply to something with intense detail and no symmetry did prove to be something of a challenge. I found myself struggling to convince materials such as stone, rock, leaves, or grass and had to attempt different techniques some of which were very tedious but educational to complete my final. 

Week Three: 2 point perspective
Ok so week three came along with the assignment of going into the city centre and sketching buildings in two point perspective. Before hand our visual design tutor Chris gave us a brief explanation of what was expected and how to do it. I found this a very educational task because to break down architecture onto paper is not easy, in fact anything man made has measurements, repetitive structures/forms, as well as parallel/symmetrical shapes so accuracy was quite difficult here.

Week Four: Cars
Right, so cars were something I have had an interest in since a kid. Though I hadn’t drawn many up till this point I really wanted to understand vehicles to the extent at which I could break them down on paper without reference. I really enjoyed this assignment but was not too happy with the final piece, it felt too squashed in its width but the wheels were what made me cringe the most. However it was progress and soon enough I will probably attempt a few more finals for personal practise.

Week Five: New Walk Museum
After progressing a little with observational drawing we went to the local museum that had dinosaur bones, skulls, insects and stuffed wildlife. I think for anyone wanting to become a creature artist studying skeletal structures of existing or pre historic animals is fundamental. I used this type of thinking to motivate me into going there many times throughout the week. It was also a breath of fresh air away from all the man made buildings and cars.

Week Six: Bradgate Park
This was a very interesting trip; it was foggy, wet and cold. We found ourselves in a huge, isolated park outside of the city with wildlife and historical ruins. I didn’t get a chance to even draw because it felt so uncomfortable in the cold weather, also the rain didn’t help. However, I managed to take a lot of pictures of the place, as many as I could because I knew building something of a reference library is very important for any game artist. I was happy with the progression and final although I think I may head back there in the summer for more photos as well as for personal drawing.

Week Seven: Still Life    
So this week we had the Pumping Station in Leicester on the list but it was not booked and our tutor decided to stay inside to draw objects as well as a full size skeleton. It was relaxing to do and I found it easy going compared to the previous weeks. Studying the human skeleton inspired me to look at anatomy, muscle groups and gesture. Definitely a easier week, which are rare to come by.

Week Eight: Space Centre
I went in my own time on a Saturday; it just so happens a sci-fi film based event was going was and there were dressed up star wars characters, comic book heroes, and monkeys... hah. I enjoyed studying technology meant for space exploration because it was completely different to designs we embrace in our daily lives. For example even the colours on a satellite are dominant whites or greys, only with a hint of red or blue to distinguish a simple logo and directional signs. Time well spent I think, it was definitely one of the better weekly assignments. What I did learn around half way was just because the brief suggests a minimum body of work, for example 12 thumbnails and 1 final, it is more of a “do more than” mark. Most creative things are progressive which means the more you do, the better you get so limiting myself in the earlier weeks by hitting the bare minimum I was not doing myself any favours, so this is why definitely for next semester I am working with more of a “how much can I do in a week” state of mind.

 So far I have really enjoyed this class, it’s not restricting at all and it is amazing seeing everyone’s take on the projects. I have progressed well but still believe there is a long way to go and all this is just the beginning. I will try from now on to keep updating my blog every time I complete work and try reflect on it as productively as possible; I hope doing this helps me in my learning, the idea of detaching myself from my work when trying to improve it. Just to note most of the work I put on this is post is not all of the work, instead most are finals and only a few prep sketch pages, also from now I will try put everything from each project on here. 

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