Saturday, 3 November 2012

Red Tails!

So since last week we have been given a vehicle project for our visual design brief, I have started pushing my ideas towards aircraft and really do love the designs of the war planes from the 30’s/40’s. Powerful, fast and agile veterans like the P-51D Mustang, Supermarine Spitfire and Messerschmitt Me 262 (jet) all hitting 350mph+ inspired me to take these attributes and use them for racing purposes. I also looked at Red bull air race planes which are of very similar design.

I happened to stumbled upon a recently released film called ‘Red Tails’ which was about the Tuskegee airman, the first African American military aviators to fight in the Second World War. The film focuses on a group of friends undertaking missions for their country, and exceeding in every task whilst being subject to racism and racial segregation. As a film in itself it wasn’t the best I have ever seen but did touch on decent historical references and had some awesome dog fights/close combat scenes of the P-51 Mustang. As the film climaxes the African American aviators are given brand new P-51’s to replace their old ‘hand me down’ planes and this gift comes with life threatening missions against the Nazi fighters. 
As I am not judging this film a as media student or some sort of critique I can disregard all the patriotism and predictive storyline as it did seem like each time the pilots hit the skies, something was bound not to go their way and the only pilot to fall in love + get married, just happens to be the one that dies…  ‘Spoiler’. Although I did enjoy the film myself as it does have one of those typical heart-warming messages that regardless of racial background, we are all capable equally; being that it was based on true events also helped. Considering Aesthetics, I really do love the idea of the ‘red tail’ on the Mustang, a unique marking showing to all who they are and what they are capable of. I think I will be applying something similar to my vehicle design, not in the form of what it looks like, but what it represents; a logo, colour, or marking to suggest something powerful. 
Obviously there are greater forms of research you can do, than just watch a film or two, and on the day the brief was given I did manage to head over to the store ‘The Works’. After purchasing two huge books on Flight and Ships, it was almost like finding treasure. For less than £10 each both contain over 300 pages on the development of aviation and maritime throughout history! Building a library of content is very important so I am always on the lookout for these things, vehicle designs coming soon!     

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